Dynamic Stretches

Dynamic Stretching is a great habit to utilize when getting ready for any physical. It improves your flexibility, mobility and gets you ready for game time. 

Here are 5 Dynamic stretches so you can “Go Get It”! 

 *Engage your core



  1. The High knees – High knees are a great way to start. They will get your heart rate up. And will help you build momentum in to getting active. They’ll improve coordination, flexibility and it will certainly work that core. 
  1. Hip Swings - Hip swings will definitely wake those hips up. They’ll help your body get prepared for stabilization and balance 
  1. The Gate swing – Gate swings will activate those inner and outer thigh muscles. Loosening them up for lateral movements  
  1. Reverse lunges - reverse lunges are a great way to warm up those larger leg muscles through dynamic stretches because there is less weight transfer your muscles.   
  1. Rear delt fly's - Rear delt fly's will loosen up the joints in your shoulders and get them ready for optimal mobility. 



Make sure to incorporate these Dynamic stretches into your pre game routine so you’re ready to “go get it” when it’s game time. 

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